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Day 13? 14?

Posted on: December 19, 2007


3 Responses to "Day 13? 14?"

You’re not the real Grace. You’re just a Gracebot. The real Grace is that freakin’ doll in the background that keeps staring at me and whispering to me; “Go to the store, Dave. Buy a bunch of mountain dew and M&M’s. Quit your job and just hang out in the park all day. Someone will take you home and then you can turn them into a robot and start to take over their vlog.”
“You’ll get screen time Dave- look what happened on Grace’s last vlog.”
That’s it. I’m not watching this stuff anymore. Good luck Grace. Whoever the real you is. I’m outta here.

I think you look more like Tonks. You know…from the movies. Except your hair isn’t purple. But it could be! You know, purple.

be cool, dave, be cool.

everything will be alright in a few days (of withdrawl)

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