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Ok so:

And also,

Grace’s appearance in a few videos on My Damn Channel (posted below) has sparked a bit of commenting by the You Tube community. I would like to bring to your attention some of my favorites:






The best part is the thumbs up/ thumbs down rating system. I have to say, I disagree with the opinion of the majority in that area.

Michelle out.

Also, Happy (late) Saint Patrick’s Day!!


1. Michelle’s post was childish.
2. There will be a new vlog tonight! With a SPECIAL GUEST!
3. If you’d like to talk more in depth about how childish Michelle’s post was feel free to email.
4. The special guest may or may not be human.

I have reactivated our inactive Scrabulous game. Did you know that “Zee” is a word? Yup. Apparently it’s the letter Z, spelled out. I just put a Z word on a triple word square. Eat it, Gracie.

This is a good Saturday night.


When we were in college, Grace assisted me in making a documentary for a class about technology changing culture. This interview -of which you will only see a small snippet, though it lasted for about 30 minutes- was the result of a funny wig and glasses being present in our dorm room one night. It did not make it into the documentary, nor has anyone seen it.

…until now.