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Disney Round-up

Posted on: April 29, 2008

It was a long week…





6 Responses to "Disney Round-up"

Stay Cute and Classy San Diego. I’m Ron Burgundy?

I was just wondering why you guys keep it to 2 minutes? You seem like you have more than enough material to keep us entertained forever… is it sort of a supply and demand thing? (limiting the supply keeps us wanting?)

Kids are SO dumb. Amen. Seriously.

I’m famous! That made my night…doesn’t take much. Grace, if you need help remembering how to pronounce my last name, remember GOMBAS rhymes with RHOMBUS. As in the four-sided polygon in which every side has the same length?? That may help. If not, keep calling me Goombis or Goombez, you aren’t alone.

ps. I am not a lesbian.

when my little brother got married there were two extra groomsmen and not enough bridesmaids. so somehow my BROTHER paired me with another dude to do the procession walk thing. i still have not lived it down to this day.

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