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Day 2 – On the Street

Posted on: June 10, 2008

We apologize for the poor quality. 


4 Responses to "Day 2 – On the Street"

next year you’ll get to go as an award winner right grace?

This was a valuable vlog entry, if only because those who have not viewed you up until now might have assumed that you don’t actually exist below the bottom of the frame.

This vlog entry alone proves the existence of your legs, so, that’s pretty cool.

Also that Michelle has molars, so, you have that going for you.

Also you ought to register a trademark for “unisex water” before someone else does.

Of course, I really envy you guys. I am poor, so I can’t get out to do this things. Also I’m in Oregon, and who can afford to travel that far.

So, long story short, you had a cool time, I had fun watching you, I’m envious, and next year is The Year of Grace And Possibly GraceNMichelle Also. Mark that down!

The only way I’ll go as Grace’s date when she wins next year is if Michelle is her producer, also wins, and I go as gracenmichelle’s date. Just saying. Can’t wait to tell my brother you guys met Tay Zonday. Funny.

Hah, I felt the same exact way when I met him back in December. Exciting!

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