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This chick, Larkin…

Posted on: June 19, 2008

Grace n Michelle had the pleasure of meeting this lovely lady last night. Her name is Larkin and she is fabulous.

No, she isn’t singing in the video. The song is by a group called The Bird and the Bee. 

Doesn’t make her any less fab, tho. Fo realzies.

We have girl crushes on her.


That is all.

9 Responses to "This chick, Larkin…"

Well, what’s not to like? Hot girl, witty video.

A little bright spot in the day there, yes.

Yeah. You know how I know it’s a cool video? I saw it already. Like weeks ago…

Oww. That’s the sound of ellehciMnecarG hating me.

To be clear, we never said we were showing you something amazing that you’ve never seen before. Just bragging about the fact that we know the girl in this super successful/awesome youtube video.

No one hates you Dave, it’s all in your mind.


video is no longer.

or um. maybe it is. and youtube was pwning me.


You ladies are amazing. Thank you for posting the video! I have a girl crush on you, too. Fo realzies AND fo shizzles. Till the next episode… xxo

Oh man, lucky! I wanna meet her!

For reals though, she is incredibly beautiful.

Wow that was a really cool video, nice work Larkin

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