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We are going to regret this…

Posted on: June 20, 2008

But we’re making a solid promise….

The next GnM music video will be posted next Saturday, June 28th.

So just relax and wait for that glorious day.

Also, Grace and michelle did a photo shoot for this website a few days ago.

Check it: 

3 Responses to "We are going to regret this…"

thats a long time away. what happened to doing a post every day? also do you guys own that site?

Never know where you babes will show up next. That is so cool.

Also, calling yourself GnM in respect to a music video makes me thing of GnR. If the name “Guns ‘n Moses” hadn’t already been taken by a Dr Demento act, then I’d suggest that one.

i hope its a rap video i would rly like to see grace rapping while michelle does some beatboxing^^

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