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Post “Dog” Continued

Posted on: July 6, 2008


9 Responses to "Post “Dog” Continued"

Don’t feel too bad, gungans. If that bobblehead weren’t working at the ASPCA she might be working at someplace where not only pets but people might be put at risk because she can’t keep a straight though in her head.

Nice use of Manilow in this clip. Really seals the deal.

I’m a cat person, but you guys have a real knack for finding the charming cute puppies, I’d say.

This one was great, I laughed too much.

I’m going on record in thinking this is a crazy, terrible idea, but that yes, when I’m living downstairs, I will absolutely play with said crazy, terrible idea all the time.

Am I the first person to offer to dogsit your hypothetical dog?

Because, hypothetically, I would totally do that.

grace i have that same cut right now… its a pain in the monkey. i didn’t comment at mdc cuz u have to register.

hey good luck with your doggies… but i was wondering why is there a itty bittty smiley face in the top right hand corner of this page? like i was just wondering, thats all.

Wha, wha, what do you mean there is no Santa?!

😉 Noooooooooo

You guys are too cute…I didn’t know you were looking for a dog. Fun! Good luck in your search.

You guys are about to adopt one (if not two dogs) together and I’M the lesbian?? Actually, I think that the two of you and I are telepathically linked because it seems that no matter what I do or talk about, I watch one of these vlogs and you guys are doing or talking about the same damn thing. I was just telling my mom that I want to adopt a dog RIGHT NOW. So now I’ll just have to drive to your place and play with yours. Or steal it. Invite me over soon, yes?

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