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Posted on: July 19, 2008




8 Responses to "AAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

How do you do “thumbs up” in HTML?

Whats better than Alcohol and underwear?

Difficult question. Because, you see, alcohol will get you through times of no underwear … but underwear won’t get you through times of no alcohol.

We’ll have to ask the judges on this one.

Ok, so whats better than Alcohol and drugs?
You could consume them alternately and so would you would not even need underwear……hmm?

Oh sorry I seem to have made a grammatical error, maybe drugs and alcohol are not such a good idea?……..

Depends on the alchohol and drugs, but generally, no, bad mojo. Go with one or the other, preferably legal.

Depends underwear, on the other hand, indicates that you have other issues to attend to.

Returning from the boundary of “uh-oh” feeling territory, now, of course, alcohol is drugs, so you can say you’ve killed two birds with one stone, keep things simple, and just go with the booze.

This comment is not meant as a substitute for medical advice.

Thats okay i don’t think i quite understood it…..

Don’t know how I ended up back on this page but don’t remember this conversation with Sam…..ha ha ha ha ha.

But seriously don’t know how I managed to come across this….

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