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Grace has iJedi-like things, also.

Posted on: July 19, 2008


5 Responses to "Grace has iJedi-like things, also."

Ah, my Padawan. Your Jedi training[1] is complete[2].

(this adheres to the Star Wars Universe Verbiage Rule, which states that at some point the following must happen:
[1] an attribute is referred to
[2] it is mentioned that it is complete.
Of course, since the only thing that really mattered was the Jedi training, the formula rarely mentioned anything else than Jedi training being complete. It was Star Wars, for cryin’ out loud, not Doctor Zhivago!)

This whole thing hit it over the fences. But the romantic comedy DVD? I got a bad feeling about that[3].

([3] The Official Standard Star Wars Remark)

1) i do not understand the first comment…

2) (sorry Michelle) Grace would totally win in a light saber battle… did you see those scissors?!?! high intensity cutting… Straight through six hairs!



VERY cool ending

I love you.

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