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Grace has a SKETCH COMEDY show this week!

Posted on: July 21, 2008




4 Responses to "Grace has a SKETCH COMEDY show this week!"

Congrats …. but for all the folks that don’t live in NYC.. when will the DVD be out..??

Should be fun…

Hey, babe, break a log … uh? Oh, yea, LEG. Break a LEG.

Makes me wish I could afford a plane across the country just ta see ya. You’re going to hit it out of the park, I just know.

What do you mean ‘be’ one of those guys?
I am! I always remember stuff and have to bite my lip to keep myself from looking crazy(crazier)
So if you ever see me biting my lip you know something funny is going on, except you can’t see or hear it and its in my head…….um…..good luck Grace….wish i could go…

Try drinking pickle juice to sooth your throat. All the carny hucksters I know swear by it.

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