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Why AREN’T you watching all the videos on this website?

Posted on: July 23, 2008


16 Responses to "Why AREN’T you watching all the videos on this website?"

I have… I promise

*Gasp* Of course i have seen all the videos on the site… i think… i hope 😀

I don’t know dude, there are kind of a lot of videos

As far as anyone can prove, I have.

That’s my story and I’m a-stickin’ to it.

for the same reason you haven’t watched all of MY videos.

I came back because something I noticed the first time, has been bothering me. Why is the writing on Grace’s shirt reversed? I can’t figure it out. You must have at some point made the decision to flip the image but it just seems like an odd thing to do.

lol, that pic is hilare !!

Oh my God Brock you’re right!
Why do the girls look so pissed? Have I not watched all the videos? I’ll go back and check……

i watched, fo’ real.

Hey! We ARE watching! But the videos are so cool that you just try to leave some for tomorrow ) to enjoy it later )

you two are beautiful )

I am working on it. Honestly!

im workin on it. damn.

I just finished. I’ve just spent the past couple of nights watching them. Done.

Happy New Year, by the way.

Okay think I’m done…

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