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Email from Grace

Posted on: July 27, 2008

Believe it or not, Grace and I are still looking for a dog. We’ve been searching online and sending each other links to websites.

Today I received an email… the subject line simply read: “IDIOT”


The body of the email was this:


3 Responses to "Email from Grace"

Tags: dumb dog, idiot, stupid dog

so mean. poor todd.

whoa!, he’s funny )
But have you seen Zwergspitz or Volpino Italiano (it’s a Spitz too)? imho they are much cute(r) ) and flufffffy )

Jenn and I saw the cutest freaking dog on the street. I usually hate little dogs because they remind me of the obnoxious girls in LA who put Gucci shoes and Juicy sweats on their pets, but this thing was a little ball of sunshine. It was a Mi-Ki– I couldn’t find any photos online that do it justice, so I highly recommend trying to see one in person. Oh my GAWD, I wanted to steal it, and I’ve never stolen anything in my life (except for boys’ hearts, of course).

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