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All you need to know about Grace’s sketch show

Posted on: July 28, 2008


Photo by Keith Huang


7 Responses to "All you need to know about Grace’s sketch show"

Are you attacking him or is he attacking you?

Could go either way there.

OMG! I wish I could be there. When I’m in town again I will certainly check out one of your shows.


Grace is talented actress. It’s a medical fact.
We know it allready.
And what this picture tells us?
1. there is no decoration on behind – there is a red curtain. it means that this is a scene, but without decoration.

2. Grace and that man and that woman that tries to prevent Grace cut off a scalp of that man are dressed normally. So, I assume, it’s not a costume lovestory.

3. Grace has really angry face and that man with half a scalp on his head left – seems to be really hurt. So, I assume, that they are really good actors. It is partly not a new thing – we did establish that Grace is ‘sirius’ actress, she can perform really sirius emotions. So, we can see that that man is a good actor too. And then we assume that Grace is in company with really good artists playing an act in a kind of a theater.

Is it sucsess?

4. I can see some round dark object in the bottom. I suppose, it’s a head of an admired spectacular.

So, this is sucsess.

Grace, you are a star.
We are proud of you.
May the Force be with you!
God bless [and] save [at the same time] Grace!

If [siriusly] you want hear me without little sarcasm and pretending to be logic – I adore you.

Woah I’m never gonna piss Grace off, I wanna keep my scalp.

great success…

Is there any chance for people no living in New York (in my case Czech Rep., Europe 🙂 to see that?

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