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Posted on: July 30, 2008


15 Responses to "MUFASA"

Neosporin eyebrows for the win!

Yay, congrats on the dog. I actually just woke up to my puppy having shit all over the house and roll in its piss!

Congrats on the roommate too. Luckily my roommate is potty trained. i LOOOOOOOOOVE him!!! I want to squish his face and then eat it.
On a personal note, one of my closest friends is named Siafa, and for the longest time, another friend called him Mufasa. He really thought that was his name.

That dog knows he’s won the doggy lottery. That’s why he so relaxed.

And you know he’s thinking “hey, the rest of you dogs, look at me! I tol’ you the ladies dig me! And they’ve already come up with more nicknames for me than they can remember! And all I have to do is roll over and instant belly rub!!!. This is sa-WEET!

Neosporin-eyebrows. Yow!

Damn……being a dog would be so easy…….when i piss on the carpet, people get angry….

Congratulations on finally getting a dog though.

have you decided who will be mum and who will be dad? Grace, you’re dad? ))

I think that guy delivers pizzas.

Saw the Dave and Ethan video, looked like it was a painful date. They look like a couple of asses in their video that they made. I wonder how much worse it really was…

ZOMG. I saw the Dave & Ethan video too.


To be honest, I feel a little bit responsible. I said I thought you guys would look cute together.

Dave & Ethan video……. 4 years of college for that… you gals can do better….. a moonshot better…

Please tell me that was scripted… funny… but yeah… painful

Oooh your dog is so cute! I get to see him not interviewing peoples on the street!

Update soon pleasee =)

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