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Our Double Date with Dave and Ethan

Posted on: August 9, 2008


23 Responses to "Our Double Date with Dave and Ethan"

I liked those guys, I likED them. They didn’t put so much of the kinda…uh…bad parts in their video.
You guys deserved a way better date than that no?

haha, this is interesting. here’s what comes to mind:

1. i have trouble telling what is real or sort of a put-on, which is neat, because to me humor seems about releasing nervous energy when we’re more nervous than we need to be, and not knowing what’s real or a joke kind of keeps tension high, so it seems like promising ground for comedy generally.

2. four funny improv-ish performers, paired up into teams (friends and dates at different times). it seemed like the dave and michelle are more relaxed personalities–i wonder if dave and grace and ethan and michelle would have made for a more complimentary pair, the more relaxed one easing the more nervous ones? pig-nose signal!

3. i was thinking of this idea of dramaturgy, which is a sociological idea that we’re all sort of performing constantly, and we are at times part of a sort of acting group that has sort of in-group rules for performing for people not in the group, who are sort of like an audience, and also we’re an audience seeing the performance of other groups. i thought about how it seemed like dave and ethan are part of a group, and michelle and grace are their audience, and similarly, grace and michelle are part of an acting group, and their audience is dave and ethan. i don’t know what that would say about the interaction on the date, but it seems like an interesting frame, particularly because both groups, dave and ethan, and grace and michelle, are sort of improv-ish comedy duos, as well as real life friends.

and now to make this post even longer i will type some more… 🙂 good video!

Um, yeah thats what i was thinking too….um…good uh point….

OK…. so I am old.. maybe just a tad out of touch…. but, I do enjoy Grace n’ Michelle…. a lot… I just can’t grasp the “date video”. Grace n’ Michelle… VERY funny and a ton of un-found talent.. but really.. who where those guys..??? What were those guys..?

GnM keep making great videos….! loose the loosers.


For guys who want to date, I think they need to get more practice and learn the rules of dating. Main rule is keep focused on you date and don’t go off and talk to another girl(s).

YOUR video is sparing our feelings. I’ts funny thing that you and guys used not all material, but you used MONTAGE and your video is more informative than their, and they are so lame in montage and other spec. effects! And you rock. Watching your video, as we say, the date “wasn’t a fountain” (meaning that the thing wasn’t that cool that you expected, there were not much joy in the thing). The D&E video humilates themselves as personalities. It is so obvious that they pretend to be cool and they actually aren’t that it starts annoying you from the very beginning. Their humour is lame! They don’t have imagination. They didn’t have a plan, they didn’t even had prepared a food to feed you. It was a lame expromt of two loosers. Watching Grace being shy and punch-drunk is hurting my feelings badly.

So, in YOUR video you spare my feelings. There is still lot of embarrassed Grace and little bit less embarrased Michelle, but, if you say that it’s OK, we, probably, should calm ourselves. May be the guys are good. May be they just were too nervious. Or too drunk. Or…

Fred Kraus said “loose the loosers”. That’s right desision.

You know, I don’t know why D&E didn’t just floor y’alls..

I mean, fingering your junk, deserting your dates to flirting with two French, and making relentless awkward passes at your dates before and after that and singing about how you really liked the other girl better first just screams class.

Either that or these guys know even less about going out in public with a date than I do. And I don’t know all that much.

GnR: there for the date. E&D: just kind of there really.

As someone who publicly said in an earlier comment that I thought you guys would look rather cute together, I retract that. What a couple of homonculi.

If I were them, I’d take down thier vlog about the date. Any decent girl who’d see that stuff wouldn’t want anything to do with them.

This version of the video was much less awkward to watch, and actually made D&E look less bad.

Alright, now that I’ve been able to synthesize my thoughts a little bit more, here’s my response–

What a disaster. Well, at all appearances, anyway. Two boring, awkward schmoes (although I can identify with that, sadly), getting a really great chance, and then blowing it.

Oooorrrr, this might have been mostly improved. Though I doubt it, unless you two are just ridiculously convincing actresses.

They say that they hope to have a second date. What’s your response, you two?

Oh, I say, give ’em a second date.

I just don’t know who with, of course.

Ha ha ha ha ha, how about with their own assholes!
Unless they make it up to you.

Grace maybe next time you can post this video of Busta Rhymes thunderpumping Paris Hilton?

Oooh, nice try there, Chrissy. Sadly for you, SnapShots are enabled on this blog … at least a few of us got a warning.

Oh, we see what you did there. Yes.

These guys seemed like insensitive douches who take themselves way too serious. When you showed up and one of them was explaining his song, I thought he was being ironic. By the end of the video, it became clear that he was not.

How anyone could not find a million things to talk to you two about is beyond me…

wow d/e, just wow?

that was sad! there is so much to say about how the guys suck(each other?) and what they did wrong, but that could take foreverrrr!

Wow, what harsh reactions. I know all you guys have internet crushes on Grace and/or Michelle, but maybe you should get off the computer and go on a date yourselves.

Ladies, youre gonna have to tell us what the odds are of you giving them another chance. Also, I would like to know how much of this is acting for the camera/editing. How did the date really go?

Anyway, you guys are very entertaining, to say the least.

Anon > WRITE MOAR! ))))))))))))))

Is Anon a friend of D&E?

or is it one of them?

Why would GnM give D&E another chance?
Reasons not to:
The weird bathroom thing, whatever that was.
The lunge kiss attempts.
The rude karaoke song.
Talking to the French girls.
Calling the girls jealous. (immature)
and whatever else we didn’t see…

Sure there might have been good stuff in there, alcohol will help with that, but overall D&E failed. Hope they can learn from their mistakes.

First off, I am sorry if I offended anyone, I know what I said was kind of rude, but was it also maybe a little bit true too? Either way, I apologize. If I was a boy, or lesbian, I would probably have an internet crush on Grace and Michelle, too. But I just think some of you need to calm down. I do not know Dave or Ethan, but have watched some of their videos and think they seem funny. And if you think not one second of this date was at least a little staged or just acting for the camera, you must be watching a different video.

Secondly, I didn’t say they owe the boys a second date or anything, but they did end it with “to be continued?” meaning they might. And why not, especially if the boys are paying! Just kidding. (Doesn’t Michelle have a boyfriend anyway?) Maybe you dedicated GnM viewers(I guess?) should make “Team GracenMichelle” t-shirts or something.

Finally, my name is Ali, I know writing as anonymous can seem cowardly, but I figured it did not matter since you do not know me anyway. Also, maybe Ali is a fake name, you will never know. Oh internet…

Anyway, I really am sorry for being slightly judgmental.
From the bottom of my heart,

This makes me feel better about the bad dates I’ve been on.


Wow, what harsh reactions. I know all you guys have internet crushes on Grace and/or Michelle, but maybe you should get off the computer and go on a date yourselves.

As long as there’s been an intarweb, there’s been people who’ve always been willing to chime in on a discussion and tell the participants to go get a life.

Go soak yer head, Anon.

Yeah the French girls……kinda awkward lol. Good times, thanks for the cameo wave!

that was very awkward… very very awkward… but hey free drinks 😀

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