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A Formal Apology from Dave and Ethan

Posted on: August 15, 2008

They sent us the link to this video.

We don’t know what to say. Thoughts?


19 Responses to "A Formal Apology from Dave and Ethan"

Wow…what an offer girls… do it! 🙂

No way just say no the both of you can do way better then them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that was hilarious!

i was charmed.

and how much of this is real and how much is put-on? i still don’t know, and that’s a good thing for keeping things interesting and entertaining. 🙂

do you think there’s any merit in answering them with a video response in kind? would that keep things entertaining and interesting? in a way i think that introducing the comedic video element into courtship ends up acting as a hedge. if a date is good, hey, you have it on tape and that works for you, and if it goes badly, you have some comedic material. if you want to charm girls who you annoyed, make a charming and funny video, and if they aren’t charmed by it, then at least you have a funny video for your webpage.

two can play at that game…or…four…or…two groups of two…well you get my point…i think. you can do a similar video that is charming and funny, and also hedges your bets by the video being material for your website.

but then, on the other hand, if any real feelings exist between you all, does it make sense to get to know each other off camera? by turning off the cameras you commit to ‘acting’ for a different audience, that is, the people you’re with on the date, rather than them and the camera.

maybe set up rules, like ‘when we’re on camera we’re acting, and when we’re off camera we’re just ourselves,’ since i think playing to the camera can undermine the process of connecting that could be happening between you and your date. and similarly, if you’re paying attention to your date, you might not be that funny for the camera audience.

actually, this could be kind of fun–maybe this rule would work: ‘when the camera is on we’re all a part of an improv troupe making material for our website, and when the cameras are off we’re just ourselves, interacting like normal people, and hey, we have the ‘improv’ project as something to talk about.’

well there you go, problem solved. i think self-congratulations are in order.

anyway, keep up the good work and apologies for this dostoevsky-novel-length post.

They should be given credit for at least manning up and admitting that they were kinda big dorks during the date.

There were points during the song that were kind of strained and bizarre. But mostly the song was kind of funny and they way they seamlessly worked “the Sign” in there gets thumbs up from me.

Speaking as a guy who’s given flowers to a girl, you know they’re really sincere (or at least think they are sincere) when they flowers come out. So the flowers really mean that they’re really wanting to try and do well by you for at least one date. At least they seem to know what they missed.

I’m not going to say “yeah, do it!”, but I am going to suggest that you think about giving them a second date. They have made a peace offering, so maybe they’re not going to be such bozos when you go out a second time. Maybe.

Well I have to say that it was a very good video. I can’t believe I am suggesting that they deserve a second chance, but… they the part about about them talking hot French girls again almost ruined the video for me since it still makes them a little sketchy. But overall, I think they have learned from this experience and whether or not you think you want to go out with them is your choice, but if you do, don’t take the camera for the next one.

Ok..OK… now from the ol’ man…. really D&E.. what the hell was that..?? What is that “lipstick tittie” tatoo…??? You guys need eHarmony… not GnM …..!
So it appears that for the most part you guys don’t have it… and more than likely will never have it.. and as I look back…if you did you would not have to be “trolling” for dates…….

So GnM.. do what ye’ want… but the entire picture is tacky… worst than used silicone……

These guys are the worst.

Hmmm….still seems pretty sketchy to me. I mean, review that video from the date and tell me I’m wrong here. First date jitters plus a couple of cameras will sure make a fella’ nervous, but come on… hitting on another couple of women while still on the date? That’s not being nervous, that’s being flat out disrespectful to your date. Most of the other stuff I could potentially forgive, at least enough to give a second try, but this was the “kill shot” to me.

Is it just me or is Ethan a douchebag?
The song did make me cry in all fairness to them though, that was beautiful. If you two aren’t taking them up on that date i may have to ask you for their phone numbers…

“Is it just me or is Ethan a douchebag?”

Loling hard, best comment. Nailed it.

I say you dont forgive them and get even by having sex with thier best friends.

I was just in the bathroom thinking about what I just said and realized that theyre best friend with each other so im pretty sure that would defeat the purpose…….but unfortunately its the only way I know how to get even so im still sticking to it.

erm… well the song is pretty sweet and they did give a reasonable explanation for acting like jerks on the date… you might consider going on a second date with them but it would be funny too if you did a song and video for them, maybe with your response… saying yes or no.

F’m, they went out on a double date with two beautiful women and ended up hitting up French whores… they need to grow up.

And I’m not saying this just because I think Grace is amazingly cute with her button nose and potty mouth.

Great idea hungry elf! and I changed my view of giving them another shot… cause really.. what’s the point, when it comes down to it, they (more Ethan) are sketchy and not to be trusted. They have shown that they can easily be swayed by “hot french girls” or who ever else might come along.

Sing a song or something back to them!

The material? Clever and charming.
The date? AwkWARD.

As long you’re comfortable being the foil for their tomfoolery, go for it.

But if you want a real date – or at least equal play for your own act – you should look elsewhere.

awwwwww…give them a chance!!!!

forget them.. both of you date ME!!!! 🙂

if its all right with you kev, ill take one off your hands. i think both could be tough to handle.

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