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Posted on: September 2, 2008



Raw talent is rarely pretty. The song has a rough-hewn quality about it that speaks of the avant-gardness of, say, a Laurie Anderson or a John Cage.

Michelle: rocked the piano. So to speak.

Grace: the lighting of your face gave the whole thing this “Twilight Zone” vibe. Very adventurous. Very courageous.

Also courageous: your decision to give the guys a second date.

1. that was great!

2. i’m picking up on a letterman/paul shaffer dynamic.

3. i wish all emotionally complex communications were made in song. a genie would totally think i was crazy for making that wish. i would think i was crazy for making requests to an imaginary being…and writing about it in the comments section of someone else’s blog.

4. why am i doing a numbered list?

good work! 🙂

OMG, that was really good. I can’t believe how many times I laughed out loud. Great response!

ps. Do you think the French girls could have been shemales? and maybe that is why they were drawn to them…

– Great Song

-Great keyboard work

-Stick with the root theme of the lyrics

-They probably are

-It’s been a long time, they haven’t gone away yet?

That was wonderful! Veryyy funny + Grace’s voice was incredible. Too bad the piano was a bit tuned out… Well Michelle, you still have some work to do in order to match Grace’s wonderful voice!

Say it aint so! You’re gonna give those two another chance? Pfft…

Grace: acceptable singing; the lyrics were on a higher tier.

Michelle: Nice piano work. Did I recognize the melody from somewhere?

Overall, nice work ladies!

Another shot? Yowza! Get stoned and make them take you to the MoMA. Or don’t get stoned. Either way.

Remember November is still open. I even got a new fan for you ladies. Jamon!!!!

that video was pure AWESOMENESS!!!! 😀 beautiful response. i like that little bit about their mustaches making them look like pedophiles, nicely done. Good luck with the date… and i agree with Michelle, i like gay guys too. they are fun to hang out with ^_^

@ Mike Kenny:

That’s a sincerely interesting observation … a Letterman/Schaeffer dynamic.

You’ve nailed it of course. Well played.

Bravo!!!!! it’s so cool about youtube because I can play this clip over and over and over. Great rhyming skills, by the way. ( maybe you should put this song on iTunes) think about it!

That was hands down the most brilliant comedic song ever! You two are geniuses! Michelle’s random cheerfulness was brilliant, i loved the smile at the end and you’re singing was awesome Grace.

Also @ Mike Kenny, why did you do a numbered list? Heres a list for you:
1. Banana
2. Cardboard
3. Liam Neeson

please don’t stop the music
please don’t stop the music

Thanks Samuel!

Smoky, sounds like a shopping list with one challenging item on it!

…challenge accepted.


Bravo, girls! Very, very hilarious. Quick plug:

Sweet Mike is gonna get me Liam Neeson……I feel like I shouldn’t be so excited.

bold choice on the vanessa carlton. oustanding.

one of my faves for sure!

Can you girls be convinced to go on another double date?

How do you feel about a Double Nacho Date?

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