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New Vlog – Part 1

Posted on: September 22, 2008


10 Responses to "New Vlog – Part 1"

Hahahahahaha, you’re vlogs are brilliant.

Ladies !!!

It is surely fantastic to have the both of you back…. (isn’t that what Helen Gurley Brown said to..” …. anyway Welcome Back…


I’m honored. How many more times do I have to be referenced before I have my own tag?

(Also, there is such a thing as a Bristol pad, because Bristol is a type of paper and it comes in pads. But obviously that’s not what Grace meant.)

Welcome back, Ladies.

Thanks for the shout out, and good save at the end Grace.

Yes, more vlogs! They are always entertaining!

Those internal dialogs are always more funnier when you have them where other people can see them.

Other Bristols you might consider:

Bristol Cream, a yummy alchoholic beverage
Bristol Bay, a very large, very cold bunch of water off Alaska (which happens to be the source of the Palin infestation, so you’ve got your Palin connection there, but good luck figuring out that costume. Maybe you can wear a map. Which could be hot)
Bristol Channel, another body of water leading to the Bristol in England. Again, a problematic costume but the water is a bit warmer.
Bristol board, a nifty light card-type paper for drawing on.

There you go. That should give you some inspirations.

The vlog itself? A nihilistic battle of the wills of epic proortions. Michelle had Grace on the ropes for a while, but then Grace came through with Bristol + Willow = “Brillo” FTW.

Although Bristol + Willow will really equal Brillow. I’ll leave you guys to work that one out. You have the intellectual chops.

Wow, amazing, love it.

I don’t care how yummy or alcoholic it is!
Who in the hell would drink something called Bristol Cream?!

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