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Posted on: November 24, 2008

Hey all!
I made a video for the Embarq 48 second video contest and it’s in the top 5!
All I need now is for YOU to check it out and (hopefully) VOTE for it!

You can check out the top five videos here!

Mine is called “48 second LIFETIME”

Here’s a sneak peek:

I could really use your help!
Thaaaaaaaanks, you’re so nice!!!
Muchas Grace-ias!!



Great vid, I didn’t like the music ones from those guys vids. Brianna video was probably your closest competition. But you should win. Everyone should vote once everyday since that is allowed, and that will probably be the key factor in who ever wins.

Totally agree with Court.
Brianna is your only competition in this thing.

I’m voting every day.
For your video obviously !

Ahaha… “Grace-ias”.

That 8 year old must be destroyed.

The best part was when you gave birth — “What?!” That’s just the type of thing you never see coming.

Voting for you everyday. Keep up the good work on MDC!

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