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Hosted by Grace, shot and cut by Michelle


…I said weeeee?

They sent us the link to this video.

We don’t know what to say. Thoughts?




This is from back in our house-sitting days. Link to that vlog is on the right…

But we’re making a solid promise….

The next GnM music video will be posted next Saturday, June 28th.

So just relax and wait for that glorious day.

Also, Grace and michelle did a photo shoot for this website a few days ago.

Check it: 

Grace n Michelle had the pleasure of meeting this lovely lady last night. Her name is Larkin and she is fabulous.

No, she isn’t singing in the video. The song is by a group called The Bird and the Bee. 

Doesn’t make her any less fab, tho. Fo realzies.

We have girl crushes on her.


That is all.

Even though we claim to not care about your opinions, they sure would come in handy right about now.

We are having trouble pinpointing exactly what to do next, so please help up out by answering the following poll…

 The question is: What would you most like to see GnM do next?

Go! <— That’s a link to an online poll, so click it!

Michelle can’t figure out how to embed the poll without receiving 1000 error messages.