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This is from back in our house-sitting days. Link to that vlog is on the right…

Travel Zoo is having a sweepstakes right now, and the winner will get all 20 Trips on the Travel Zoo’s top 20 list OR $5000

If we win, we will make a ridiculous documentary of our trip… or find some CRAZY way to spend the money and document that.

If you’ll like to increase our chances of winning, please click the following link and simply register for the contest yourself.

Register 🙂

Thanks and happy sweepstakes-ing ?

But we’re making a solid promise….

The next GnM music video will be posted next Saturday, June 28th.

So just relax and wait for that glorious day.

Also, Grace and michelle did a photo shoot for this website a few days ago.

Check it: 

Grace n Michelle had the pleasure of meeting this lovely lady last night. Her name is Larkin and she is fabulous.

No, she isn’t singing in the video. The song is by a group called The Bird and the Bee. 

Doesn’t make her any less fab, tho. Fo realzies.

We have girl crushes on her.


That is all.

That is to say, we won’t be checking the results anymore, but the poll will still exist in the interweb world.


Anyway… we’re happy to announce that the winner -receiving 78% of the votes – is… 




Thanks to everyone who voted! We’re setting aside some time in our schedule to work on a new music video. As for song suggestions… no need. We have something in mind 🙂


GnM out!


Even though we claim to not care about your opinions, they sure would come in handy right about now.

We are having trouble pinpointing exactly what to do next, so please help up out by answering the following poll…

 The question is: What would you most like to see GnM do next?

Go! <— That’s a link to an online poll, so click it!

Michelle can’t figure out how to embed the poll without receiving 1000 error messages.




We apologize for the poor quality. 

Thanks youtube. You don’t suck after-all…



Hey there ya gungan heads…

This is our formal announcement for the start of VLOG ATTACK WEEK!

This means that there will be a NEW vlog EVERY DAY this week.

There would be a new vlog posted right now if youtube wasn’t being such a whiny little bitch.

Rest assured, the vlog has been completed and will be posted as soon as possible. (ie whenever Michelle gets home tonight)

In other news, GracenMichelle attended the MyDamnChannel party last week, and ItWasGrand:



Again, apologies for the delay. Hopefully the anticipation that will build up throughout your day won’t lead to a big letdown when you finally see the vlog.

And if it does, we really won’t give a shit.

Too harsh, too soon? Probably.

Love love love,


Well really just to the Pig n Whistle for some late night karaoke. These are from early in the night… wish we had been coherent enough to take some later on…